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How Important is Your College Major to Your Future

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Many students wonder if the college major they chose is the “correct” one. Whether you’re a high school senior looking into applying to colleges or a current college student, figuring out what degree you’ll earn can be a daunting task.

In this second episode of The Study Space Podcast, we dive into the question that is on so many students’ minds: how important is your college major to your future? We discuss our own college majors, their effects on our lives, and how we hope to use them in the future. We also talk about our personal strategies on how to make big life decisions like choosing your major or what skills to acquire. Learn how to think through these dilemmas in this episode!

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Things mentioned in the episode:

  • 80% of college students change their majors at least once
  • College students change their major an average of three times

Your hosts: David Chuong and Julian Vu

Music: “Please Listen Carefully” by Jahzzar is licensed under a Creative Commons License.