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The Pre-Medical Journey with Joey Oldam

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The pre-medical journey is quite unforgiving: students strive to get the perfect GPA as well as balance extracurricular activities. In this episode, Joseph Oldam discusses his journey as a neuroscience premedical student; join us as we talk about extracurriculars, study habits, and the nuances of being a nontraditional major.

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Things mentioned in this episode:

  • (6:05-9:43) Joey’s inspiration for pursuing a career in the medical field and daily motivations
  • (9:43-11:37) Dealing with self-doubt
  • (11:37-17:52) Joey’s reason for choosing neuroscience over more traditional majors like biology
  • (17:52-20:16) Advantages of an nontraditional major
  • (20:16-21:49) Difficulty of neuroscience compared to other majors
  • (21:49-30:25) Study tips from a neuroscience major
  • (30:25-35:21) Joey’s thoughts on memorizing as way to test future medical professionals to deal with mental burnout and stamina
  • (35:21-51:43) Joey’s research experiences
  • (51:43-1:11:57) Extracurriculars and work-life balance
  • (1:11:57-1:20:44) Joey’s advice to someone looking to go into medicine
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Your hosts: David Chuong and Julian Vu

Featured guest: Joey Oldam

Music: “Please Listen Carefully” by Jahzzar is licensed under a Creative Commons License.