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Is a College Degree Future-Proof?

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With the advent of technology came the demise of many traditional jobs and careers. Many students that are considering a college degree or are currently in the process of earning their degrees, are concerned that such aspirations can be useless if their jobs are automated away by high tech. Others believe that college degrees are the key to a secure career, and thus, a secure future.

In this fourth episode of The Study Space, we evaluate the validity of such beliefs and give our opinions on them. We talk about the value of skills and how to think about what the future might bring.

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Things mentioned in this episode:

  • Independence as a college student
  • Factory jobs being automated away by robots
  • Jobs that have come about as a result of the internet
  • The outlook of college degrees in an increasingly tech-saavy world
  • The Information Age
  • YouTube as a career
  • College degrees as a marker for skill-building
  • Building skills and learning
  • Technology is always changing
  • The importance of adaptability

Your hosts: David Chuong and Julian Vu

Music: “Please Listen Carefully” by Jahzzar is licensed under a Creative Commons License.