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Dominating Your First Semester of College

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For new students unaccustomed to college life, feeling as though you need to start your first semester or term off strong is natural. Many students define “dominating” their first semester as getting a 4.0 GPA, landing an internship, or participating in research opportunities with their professors. While these are all noble aspirations, success is not solely comprised of academics.

In this episode of The Study Space Podcast, we discuss how to dominate your first semester of college by looking back at our first semesters and talking about the things we did right, but also things we did wrong or could have done better.

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Things mentioned in this episode:

  • Joining clubs to reinforce skills you already have and to learn new skills
  • Julian’s approach to extracurricular activities as an introvert
  • Survivorship Bias
  • Finding friends with small talk
  • Inconvenience of club meetings for commuter students
  • Working part-time as a college student
  • Getting enough sleep
  • Letting go of working to go to sleep
  • Attitude
  • Delayed gratification vs. instant gratification
  • School spirit

Your hosts: David Chuong and Julian Vu

Music: “Please Listen Carefully” by Jahzzar is licensed under a Creative Commons License.